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I'm Friendly Co.

A virtual anonymous chat platform providing a safe environment for individuals to air their feelings and link up with trained professionals.


Providing employment and social services to provide income, solve root causes of poverty, and empower single mums.


Content aggregator website for funeral services.


Providing nutrition programs for underprivileged children.

Greater Than Grades

Empowering marginalised children ( NA/NT students and Children from Samh) by providing non-academic lessons (performing arts or sports).

Project Liberi

Maximising the utility received from your child's screen time by facilitating a conducive learning environment through our fun and interactive storybook mobile platform.


A mobile platform connecting F&B merchants to non-profit organisations and B2B/B2C consumers to maximise savings and minimise wastage.


Singapore's first Karang Guni hailing service.

Project Repack

A Telegram Bot game to inspire individuals to embark on a 'zero' waste routine and engage in 'Bring Your Own' (BYO) behaviour.

The Green Label

Providing consultation services tailored to individual businesses to help them reduce the amount of waste they generate

Project 13

Collaborate with senior service centres / old folks home to conduct baking activities with willing old folks.

Project 12

Creating a platform for the general public to learn more about the dementia community.

Project 11

Providing programming workshops and courses for people with disabilities.

Project 10

An educational tutoring app that helps foster children adjust with mainstream students in schools as well as learn to deal with their emotions.